It is important to understand that not all services are covered by Alberta Health Care. Some of Services Not Covered by Alberta Health Care are :

    • Office visits without a valid health care card
    • Medical Exams with a valid health care card
    • Transfer of medical records
    • Drivers Medical Examinations (Non Senior)
    • Hepatitis Vaccinations
    • Treatment of non-planter warts
    • Blue Cross Special Authorization form completion
    • Employment Insurance forms
    • Pregnancy Leave Form completion
    • AISH Form Completion (Assured Income for the Severely Handicap)
    • Canada Revenue Agency Disability form completion
    • Canada Pension Plan for completion
    • Medical-Legal report completion
    • Insurance form Completion
    • Attending Physician’s Statement
    • Disability and Benefit form completion

    We will be happy to further clarify or discuss uninsured services upon request.