Parsons Medical Centre Family Practice:


Periodic Annual Physical

    • Comprehensive physical exam
    • Visual examination.
    • Electrocardiogram – ECG.
    • Complete laboratory tests.
    • Screening for cancers as per standard.
    • Pulmonary function test – as indicated.
    • Diagnostic imaging – as indicated.
    • Proper referral – as needed


    • Pediatrician.
    • Respiratory Specialist
    • Dermatologist
    • Internist
    • Psychiatrist

  • Child Care
    Pediatrician is onsite
  • Prenatal Care
    Pregnancy follow up
  • Pregnancy Test
    Done onsite
  • Urine Test
    Done onsite
  • Dietitian Counselling
    Include education about chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure ,obesity
  • WCB visits
    Any work related injuries
  • ECG
  • Blood Pressure
    BP through machine
  • Wart Treatment
    With liquid nitrogen
  • Mental health Counselling
    that involve anxiety ,depression, information on available services
  • Contraceptive Advice & Refills

  • INR Advice
    Helping patients who are on blood thinners to adjust their medications
  • Pulmonary Function Test
    Breathing test for lung function
  • Prescription Services
  • Prescription Refills

  • Driver Medical Exams
    Includes checking the blood pressure and visual examination

  • Injections
    (Vit B12,flu,Hep B&A ,testosterone ,humira, allergy ) joints injections
  • Uninsured Services:

    Uninsured Services are medical services that are directly covered by patients since Alberta Health and Wellness does not provide any coverage for these services. Click the button below for more information and a detailed list of our comprehensive uninsured services.

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